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November 25, 2021    


So here we are with the 16th QUALIFAS Newsletter, 2 years after issue No 15. It’s true that in the meantime the COVID pandemic severely disrupted our day-to-day lives and professional activities…

Well, in these very particular times, QUALIFAS, with the unflinching commitment of its members and staff (and also thanks to Webex …), has held firm and continued to deploy its sharing and pooling activities for the Quality control for aeronautical, defence and space products.

Among our many successes, I would like to mention three significant accomplishments:

  • The CBMC, which mobilized to guarantee the continuity of the EN9100 certification scheme throughout the crisis.
  • Our APQP training courses which have now reached their cruising speed: the threshold of 500 people trained has been crossed, and several new modules (including the “APQP for transfers of activities”) are operational. Our contribution to the promotion and standardisation of the APQP in our industries is increasingly appreciated!
  • The “Common Generic Requirements” for suppliers - which are posted on our website and are at the disposal of the prime contractors - whose worldwide promotion has been launched with IAQG.

We are going to continue along this route in 2022. QUALIFAS’s diary is already well-filled, and the roadmap is ready: capitalising on our flagship activities (CBMC, training, sharing assessments, etc.) and developing new ones to meet the ever-more demanding requirements of the French ASQ industries.

Looking forward to seeing you in mid-2022 for the next Newsletter!

Daniel GRECH

« Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further »

New Standards in the EN9104 series


Changes to the Standards - Continuous improvement

A major revision of the standards in the 9104 series is ongoing, with the ultimate goal of improving the value of AQMS certification and raising the stakeholders’ trust in the certification scheme.
The meetings for defining the standards transition outline and procedures resumed on 8 November 2021.
QUALIFAS will actively contribute to their translation into French.

“Revision of EN9104-01”

Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Quality Management System Certification Programs

Publication of the English language version is scheduled for 1st December 2021.
Three more months will then be required for publication in the other languages. The preliminary transition will take 18 months as from the date of publication.

The main changes are:

  • Rationalization of the number of structures, only keeping the “single” and “multiple” levels.
  • Method for calculating the audit time - OCAP (Organization Certification Analysis Program) - taking into account the risks within an organization
  • Strengthening of the remote audit process.
  • Authorization of audits of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) enabling organizations to integrate their other management systems in their EN 91XX quality management system and synchronize their audits.
  • Introduction of the PBSRP (Performance Based Surveillance / Recertification Program).

“Revision of EN9104-02”

Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Oversight of Aerospace Quality ManagementSystem.
The standard is in the proofreading stage.
Closing of the proofreading stage in Europe is scheduled for 22 December 2021, and for 28 February 2022 at the international level.

“Revision of EN9104-03”

Requirements applicable to the Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS)

Auditor Training and Qualification
The proofreading stage should be completed by the end of 2021.

Deployment of the standard and its transition depend on when the new version of the OASIS v3 database is put online (testing in the finalization phase).

Covid Rules - Remote Audits/Assessments

The Covid-19 pandemic helped advance the use of remote audits/assessments

schema covid

In order to propose consistent methods and optimize the Supply Chain supervision practices, QUALIFAS has issued a recommendation, adapting the existing requirements to the context.

Regarding EN91xx supervision, the easing of the requirements relative to implementation of on-site audits, put in place by the IAQG, has made it possible to maintain the operational scheme while guaranteeing its robustness.
As from 1st January 2022, the easing rules will be partially kept in place to reconcile current requirements with those of the EN9104 series.

Control of the Supply Chain - Main Active Working Groups

Several WGs on tools, best practice recommendations, training modules, etc.

EGS_EGC_ES (Standard, Common & Specific Generic Requirements) applicable to the ASD sector.

It is a question of making available a set of requirements common to all the prime contractors, that are strictly complementary to those of the ISO/EN/AQAP Standards. They are structurally interlinked. Each prime contractor may add its own requirements to them. The supplier will thus demonstrate its compliance with the common requirements by meeting them once. It will then have to meet the specific requirements of each of its customers.
These requirements and their deployment recommendations are validated and published in the test phase with the QUALIFAS manufacturers.

QUALIFAS Scorecard

The QUALIFAS Scorecard used in production is available on the QUALIFAS website.
An update of the “conformity” and “representation format” specification has just been published with the addition of a Notice Of Escape type measure to the IER indicator.


The procedures for implementing the Scorecard used in development will be published mid-2022.

Effective Supplier Risks Management

Two matrices for identifying and characterizing risks will be made available

  • At supplier level “Supplier Risk Assessment Matrix”
  • At product level “Product Risk Assessment Matrix”

These matrices will be soon published.

QUALIFAS training modules

“Making a success of industrial transfers with APQP” is the new module that has just successfully been tested. It can now be accessed by QUALIFAS manufacturers with sessions provided on request.

APQP training courses - Some key data

500 people trained
APQP Module Level 1 and SR_CI_KC / risk control
Forecast for the next two years: 500 additional people trained

QUALIFAS Training Courses - Interview with an APQP expert

Antoine BISSIERES - ArianeGroup - Quality Performance Manager


How long have you been involved as an instructor at Qualifas?

I’ve been serving as an instructor and contributing to the construction of the training modules for a bit more than three years.

On what subject and with what goal in mind?

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and everything that hinges around it such as risk analysis, and also industrial transfers.

What is the philosophy underlying these courses?

The idea is to promote and demystify best practices in the aerospace industry. We avoid adopting an overly theoretical and dogmatic approach, preferring discussion and feedback. We aren’t consultants, but manufacturers talking to other manufacturers.

Who are the target audience?

Our target audience is very broad, there are the quality specialists of course, and also people working in projects, engineering, procurement and methods/industrialization, not to mention managers!

Has the feedback been positive?

Yes, the feedback is positive, the people appreciate the fact that each of our courses includes a practical aspect that associates the theoretical part, and a concrete example of deployment with a manufacturer that has contributed to the construction of the training course. In addition to this there is the richness of the exchanges and the sharing of everyone’s experiences.

Have you noted any change in the participants’ reactions to the subjects discussed?

It varies a great deal from one company to another but, generally speaking, the participants increasingly arrive with basic notions concerning APQP, or even a lived experience of the subject.

QUALIFAS pooling activities - Indicators

(November 2021)

Monitoring of the EN9100 certification scheme - 2021
Target Audits performed
18 audits 18 audits
100 % 100 %

Authority for EN91xx certification (2019/2021 period)
Target Result obtained
1,815 suppliers 1,161 certified
654 pending
46.6 % 29.8 %

Supply chain performance optimization
155 assessments shared with the 2021 program
11 participating members
14 cancelled 85 completed/ongoing
14 postponed to 2022
infos pratiques


Governing bodies

“Renewal of the QUALIFAS board!”

The Board steers the operational governing bodies
Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, MBDA, Thales, Safran, Stelia Aerospace

In order to meet the different pooling and optimization goals of the French ASD Supply Chain, it appoints companies to steer the operational activities for meeting them.

Welcome to the new representatives into the heart of the QUALIFAS decision-making process - they are going to breathe a positive energy into the continuous improvement of the Association and invest in it!


Third-Party Supervision

OP Assessor training

Remote deployment of a training course for companies in charge of supervising the EN900 certification scheme

An OP assessor training course was held in May 2021 with seven French candidates taking part. In order to meet the pandemic-related requirements this course was conducted remotely for the first time. It was such a success - both in terms of the quality of the training and of the 100% success rate - that IAQG is considering using this procedure for the future OP Assessor training courses.

Auditor’s Day 2022

Renewal of the training seminar intended for the players in the EN900 certification scheme

At the theoretical level, this meeting will provide an opportunity to present the new requirements of the published 9104 series standards, and provide clarifications. At the practical level, workshops will be put in place on precise subjects, at the request of the various players

Workshops to be put in place for Auditor’s Day - Suggestions

Please send your suggestions to contact@qualifas.fr

TP Auditor renewal applications

Creation of an on-line form for authenticated AA/AEA auditors

As from 1st September 2021, auditor renewal applications must be submitted on the Qualifas website.

Renewal form

Audits performed with a remote audit content greater than 30% must not be used for initial applications.

A quarter of the AQMS audits required for renewal may contain more than 30% remote audit content.





26 November
AAB/OC harmonization

30 November, morning
Plenary CBMC


9 December
AAB committee


3 February
AAB committee


14 April
“Supply Chain Optimization” seminar


9 June
Plenary CBMC

23 & 24 June
Auditor’s Day

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