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Surveillance, mutualisation entre industriels

Qualité des Approvisionnements pour les Industries

Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales

The French Aerospace Industries Association (Groupement Industriel Français Aéronautique et Spatial/GIFAS), the organization representing France in the AeroSpace and Defense (ASD) activity, is responsible of the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) scheme with its IAQG members. Under a mandate drawn up by GIFAS, QUALIFAS integrates in its sharring mission the actions focusing on the management of suppliers certifications involved in supplying products or services to its members, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the ASD scope

French ICOP scheme

CBMC is the organization appointed in France to implement and oversight the Other Parties Certification scheme (commonly known as the ICOP scheme) in compliance with the 9104 series IAQG standards.

CBMC carries out its activities in compliance with the objectives and principles provided by IAQG-OPMT and EAQG-OPMT. CBMC reports work performed to QUALIFAS, GIFAS and EAQG OPMT. Its Chair, proposed by the Quality Commission of GIFAS, is recognised as such, when integrated in the Qualifas Executive Committee (Qualifas Board).
CBMC ensures that the scheme implemented to assess the quality management system of suppliers which allows certificates to be delivered by the CBs, is satisfactorily deployed according to the defined rules; and deployed for the Aerospace and Defence profession to continuously improve the processes used by suppliers working in ASD. CBMC reports to GIFAS and to EAQG OPMT with respect to the work performed at the national level. CBMC defines, deploys and leads the strategy which must be developed in the ASD certification scope. It is responsible for the existence and update of the procedures required for the ICOP scheme.

CBMC is responsible for the Authentication of auditors through AAB.
CBMC organizes the oversight to check that the dispositions described in the EN9104 series are applied. CBMC proposes any action considered necessary to improve and make more reliable the process working. It should always ensure the continuous improvement of the scheme performance.
Authentication/re-authentication of an AA/AEA auditor

Any person who would like to apply for a position as an AA or AEA, or who would like to renew his/her authentication, shall propose his/her file in accordance with form F 107-1 within a target date of 15 days before the AAB committee date (communicated by CBMC)
  • via a Certification Body
  • directly as an independent applicant

Any person who would like to renew his/her authentication, shall propose his/her authentication on qualifas website

Applicants must select the application file corresponding to their status, and return the completed file
  • At least 15 days before the desired AAB committee date

The application will be analyzed by the AAB Committee members, and in accordance with EN9104-001, a decision will be made within 60 days. The candidate will be informed by Qualifas

All applicants and Organization body can appeal the AAB decisions. They must inform AAB of their request in writing and attach any item which can justify this appeal. Upon receipt, AAB analyses the appeal.
If this appeal is rejected, and if the applicant does not agree, the applicant can then escalate his/her request to EAQG-OPMT

Any claim from a person or external organization must be made in writing, and with justification, to the AAB Chair. An independent investigation must be conducted under the responsibility of AAB. Appropriate actions must be taken, reported and formally recorded in 60 days.

If the claimer is not satisfied with the response, the claim can be escalated to CBMC with justification. If case of disagreement; the claim can be escalated to EAQG-OPMT






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